Welcome to Blue Shark

With Blue Shark now you have the chance to capture a wide variety of specimens, – bream, conger, stone bass, sea bream, red snapper, red bream, among many others – often in the company of dolphins and several other sea mammals, dwellers of the clear still waters of the Algarve coast..

But if you’re looking for strong emotions you cannot miss the unique sensation of sitting on the fighting chair and capture shark, tuna, dolphin fish, and marlin, the latter being of huge proportions, reaching sometimes 1600lb on the scale.

From now on the Blue Shark, managed by a crew of more than thirty years experienced seamen, is at your service as a wide range sport fishing boat.

Let us worry about tackle and bait. Just feel the excitement.

The Boats

At the moment we have two boats in activity. “Rodman 1170 ADV” and “Doqueve 900 Fly”. With Blue Shark, you´re going to have a memorable day in your life.


We fish according to the IGFA rules.

The fishing methods we use are: trolling, with artificial lures, drift fishing, and bottom using alive or dead bait.


Know all the specimens that you fish, and find out what is the best period to fish each specimen.